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Do you remember the bell bottoms of the ’80s? Encourage your guests to dress in their old wardrobes as they enter a roomful of soft disco light and dine on pineapple chicken and cheese logs. You can do the same with other decades, too.
Give back to the community with a charity event. You’ll attract locals with the promise of supporting a good cause, and you can also get creative with appropriately-themed dinners and drinks. For example, if you’re donating part of the evening’s proceeds to breast cancer awareness, you can serve pink daiquiris at a discounted price.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to create a romantic tradition. You can say that the first Friday night of every month is your official Love Night, and before you know it, couples will be flocking to your candlelit tables and special deals for two.

Go fanatical for an evening to support local sports teams. For one, you’ll be guaranteed the business of all the players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans; you’ll also have the opportunity to challenge your chefs to create fun dishes that epitomize the game at hand.
Can you persuade a local celebrity to tend the bar for an evening? Not only will they draw a crowd, but you can also reflect their latest movie or album with themed decorations or special menu items. It’s one of many restaurant event ideas that will pay off in spades.
If you don’t already have special dishes depending on the season, now is the time to create them. For example, you might feature seafood in the spring or thick, meaty stews in the winter. It will keep your menu exciting and your ingredients fresh, and customers will have something to look forward to every month.
People will turn out in droves for wine tastings. You don’t even have to close the restaurant as a special occasion; simply advertise good deals on wines during specific nights or make it easy for customers to sample multiple bottles at a discounted rate.
People love live bands playing music while dining at your restaurant. Even more so when it’s a local musician that they want to support. Consider booking local musicians, who are always looking for their next show, at least a couple times a week. While it’s OK to have the same band playing regularly if they bring in the customers, try to mix things up a bit every once in a while to keep things fresh.
Consider hosting a singles’ night to help singles meet new people at your restaurant. Speed dating can be a fun spin on this event to get more people in your restaurant.
Whether it’s 80’s, 90’s, Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras or Hawaiian, people love theme nights. Think of something fun and original that people can dress up for.
Offer buy one get one free appetizers or desserts on your slowest night of the week. It’s a great way to get new customers in the door on what otherwise would have been a low profit night.
A lot of restaurants and bars do karaoke. Try to make this one a little more unique to stand out. Put on a karaoke competition for an hour or two once a week with the winner getting their meal paid for. Your customers will love it and the quality of singing will be a little better when a free meal is on the line.
Host a local comedian to do some stand up at your restaurant. You don’t always need just live music performers. Plus, when people are laughing and happier, they’re more likely to stay longer and order more.
Don’t just let the professionals run the show, consider having an open mic night. Anyone in your local area that’s looking to get practice and more exposure would jump at the opportunity to play at your restaurant. Whether it’s music, comedy or poetry, your customers will enjoy the authenticity of the local talent.
People love your food, but they can’t eat at your restaurant every night. If you host cooking classes and teach people how to make your dishes, while giving them a cookbook to take home, your restaurant will constantly be on their mind. Their next night out is more likely to be at your establishment.
Same as the guest chef night, but host a new bartender. Most good bartenders will be able to create a few new one-time drinks to add to your menu. They can even put on a bit of a show behind the bar teaching people the best way to make these cocktails.