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Fresco  Updated March 13,2019

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Ginger-Lime Baby Carrots

Richard Blais (Seasons 4 and 8: All-Stars)

“I just think carrots, particularly their tops and roots, are an artistic wonder,” Richard Blais says. “The color, the abstract shape—they’re gorgeous.” He cooks them in a tangy ginger sauce and then sprinkles them with the flavorful, seaweed-and-sesame-seed-based Japanese seasoning called furikake.o.

Warm Chocolate Cakes with Mascarpone Cream​
Hosea Rosenberg (Season 5)​

In his riff on Black Forest cake, a favorite dessert of his father’s, Hosea Rosenberg tops individual cakes with mascarpone cream instead of whipped cream and luscious brandied cherries instead of jarred.


Yogurt Panna Cottas With Honey

Marisa Churchill (Season 2)

Thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt contains bacteria cultures that may aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system. As an homage to her Greek heritage, Marisa Churchill uses it as the base for her tangy, low-fat panna cottas.



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